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Footnote - Baltimore city directories

"Double-numbered" pages in Baltimore city directories

Errors in Baltimore City, Maryland, online resources[]

City Directories - Baltimore (, formerly[]

There are major problems with the Baltimore city directory image collections from 1863 through at least 1871:

Each issue has "double pages," meaning that two images are labeled "(p. 1)," "(p. 2)," etc. The images themselves have no additional identifying data on them. This makes it impossible to determine which edition any individual image has actually been digitized in each year, or to determine whether the images are actually titled accurately.

The title pages usually appear at the end of each year from 1863 through 1883. Because the images are out of order, one cannot determine whether the images are contained within the appropriate years. It also creates issues with accurately citing the sources of you information.

Alternative images exist for many of these Baltimore city directories (as well as other, earlier editions), correctly labeled with title pages, on the following sites: