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1925 Kansas State Census ([]

In the Kansas State Census Collection, 1855-1925, the 1925 census images for the first 16 pages of the census for Crawford County, Washington Township, have also been erroneously included at the end of the census images for Crawford County, Lincoln Township. This includes families 1 through 108. The Ancestry search index shows these families in both places.

Since the individual page images do not indicate the location of the people listed, it is not immediately obvious which township these people were actually enumerated in. However, after a review of both sets of images, it looks like the correct township is Washington, since the images for Washington continue beyond the first 16 pages. The 17th page begins with family 109.

In the Lincoln Township set (total of 150 images), images #135-150 are duplicates from Washington Township and should be removed. See images 135-150 in Lincoln Township. .
In the Washington Township set (total of 361 images), images 198-213 are the first 16 pages of the census and are in their correct location, followed by the rest of the township. See images 198-213 in Washington Township.

This error was reported to on 26 Feb 2012. A reply was received on 1 Mar 2012 from Support which says:

"We have looked over the problem you found and have confirmed that this is indeed a mistake. An error report has been submitted to the web development team and they will address the issue as soon as possible. Please allow us some time for this to be corrected as the re-indexing process can take time. We appreciate the time you have taken to make us aware of this problem and apologize if it has caused any confusion with your research."