Ancestry Errors Wiki

This page relies on the assistance of genealogists to notify us of programming and organization errors present on the and subscription-based genealogy websites. For this site to achieve its goals, it must be organized in a consistent manner.

To add a page, use the green "Add a Page" button on the right. Use the following guidelines so that all pages will be in a consistent format.

Titles: Each page should be entitled with the name of the subject county (or independent city) and state. Please search for an existing page prior to creating a new page. The titles should be formatted in the following manner:

"Frederick County, Maryland"

Please spell out the word "County" completely.

Content: On each county page, create a new heading with the title of the database containing the error. The heading should be formatted using the "Heading 2" theme. You can find this in the menu button at the top of the edit page that will say "Normal" as its default.

Then concisely describe the error under this heading. Feel free to attach links to the affected database. Screenshots are also welcome.

Categories: Please add separate categories for the name of the state and shortened database title. For example, if you are reporting an error with the Frederick County, Maryland, 1840 U. S. Census, include the categories "Maryland" and "1840 U. S. Census."

Please review the following page(s) for examples of what we are looking for:

Thanks for your help!