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The set of images for Wright County marriages, 1911, are of poor quality, faded and difficult to read. Many images and large portions of images are illegible. It is not difficult to understand that indexing could be incorrect. However, the indexing in this set of images is so bad that it is rendered completely unreliable. Following are some of the problems found, with examples.


Image #4, showing indexing for Image #6

  • For most pages, the indexing, when it exists, appears to be aligned with the wrong image, especially in the first third or so of the set. For example, image #4 displays with the index that should have been aligned with image #6, as shown in screen shot displayed, right.
  • Images #1 and #2 should actually be part of the "Index images for Wright", not the Record images. It is unknown whether these two images also appear in their correct image set. It appears that Ancestry's index links shown below image #1 should actually have been aligned with the first Record page of the imaged book, which is unfortunately missing in this image set.
  • Many images have no index at all. See for example images #40-43 and #45-47.
  • There are many missing images. For example, image #43 is of pages 116-117, then image #44 is of pages 176-177. Granted, this could be because the missing pages were totally illegible, but we have no explanation.
  • Occasionally, the index appears to be aligned with the image, as in image #60, but this is not the norm for this image set.

Note that these comments only apply to the 1911 record images. Other years have not been reviewed.